Editing & Mentoring

I love working with other people to help them produce their best work. I’ve edited business plans, books and websites, and have helped other authors break into print. Whether you’re preparing an annual report for the Board or a manuscript for an agent, I’ll get your words working.


Whether you’re publishing a book, an annual report or a thesis, I’ll scrub your words and sharpen your sentences until they fizz and pop. Your copy will read gorgeously, free of awkward constructions, run-on sentences, flat messaging and bad punctuation. In addition to business editing, I have edited for esteemed book publishers like the Royal BC Museum and Orca Book Publishers, and have helped authors produce award-winning manuscripts.

Novel Mentoring

You know you want to write a book, but you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’re partway in, but have lost your way. Or maybe you just need someone to keep pushing you and offering you support, feedback and a very occasional kick in the ass. Wherever you are in the novel writing process, a one-on-one mentorship will keep you producing—and learning—until you get that thing finished.

Manuscript Evaluation

Your book is finished. Congratulations! But wait—don’t send it off to agents and editors just yet. Publishing houses are a picky bunch nowadays, and are selecting only the absolute best manuscripts for publication. Even if you’re publishing it yourself, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with a clean, tight and entertaining story that’ll leave your readers smiling.