Jenessa’s a thrill seeker by nature. Anything fast, she’s all over it. Angry and blaming herself for her best friend’s death, Jenessa escapes to the open road, where she can outrun her memories…if only for a while. She finds a kindred spirit in Dmitri, a warm-hearted speed demon who races at the track. But when Jenessa falls in with a street racing gang—and its irresistible leader, Cody—she finds herself caught up in a web of escalating danger. When her penchant for risk taking spirals out of control, Jenessa has to find a way to break the self-destructive patterns she’s built—before anyone else gets hurt.

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Release Date: 2011


  • Resource Links “The Year’s Best” 2011

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Library Media Connection – January 1, 2012
“Taut and intense, this offering will appeal to readers who are looking for a fast read with non-stop action. The characters are strong and likeable…The plot never slows, and struggling readers will have no time to lose focus. This title is perfect for school libraries, especially those with a collection of high interest, low level titles.”

TriState YA Book Review Committee – January 1, 2012
“Well written and discusses greater issues than drag racing…Highly recommended for inclusion in any high school or public library collection.”

Resource Links – October 1, 2011
“Orca has another hit. A street racing book with a female point of view is a rarity which both genders will race to finish.”

CM Magazine – September 30, 2011
“An engaging and exciting read. Jenessa is a realistic and strong character who is likable, despite the poor decisions she makes in the novel…Redline is very well written, and, despite the low reading level, the writing does not feel stilted or simple; rather, the short sentences make the books feel punchy and in tune with its fast-paced content. Redline is a thrilling contemporary novel that deals with serious issues of death and mourning and is an excellent choice for teen readers. The novel is action-packed and suspenseful, making it a quick and engaging read. Since the language is simple, and the reading level is low, Redline is a good choice for teens who read below grade level or for those who are learning English as a second language.”