Liam Hemsworth

Growing up in Australia, Liam Hemsworth’s youth was focused more on surfing than acting. This entertaining biography describes Liam’s rise to fame alongside his two older brothers who are also actors. In fact, Liam lost the leading role in the movie Thor to his big brother, Chris, in 2010. But Liam bounced back landing his first big role, alongside Miley Cyrus, in the movie The Last Song. Now with a leading role in wildly successful The Hunger Games series, his fame just keeps continuing to grow.

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
Release Date: 2015


CM Magazine – September 18, 2015
“The book is well-organized, with a table of contents in the front and extensive back material (timeline, glossary, bibliography and index). This attractive book will likely become dated in a few years, but right now, Liam Hemsworth is a popular actor, and I could see this biography being popular with his young fans.”