Aliens Among Us

Would you be surprised if you came face to face with a Red-eared Slider, Gypsy Moth or Brown Bullhead? Would you know what to do if Dalmatian Toadflax or Giant Hogweed landed in your neighbourhood?

Alex Van Tol can help. In Aliens Among Us, she identifies more than 50 species of animals and plants that have invaded British Columbia. With the help of colour photographs and illustrations, she exposes the invaders, then explains how they got here and what they’re doing to the environment.

Publisher: Royal BC Museum
Release Date: 2015


  • BC Bestsellers List, October 2015
  • 2015 Winter Pick, Association of Publishers of British Columbia


CM Magazine – January, 2016
“This compact but informative book is a terrific guide to recognizing and understanding animal and plant species that have moved beyond their natural territories to become “aliens” within British Columbia’s environment. Whether you live in BC, or are curious about the origins and spread of these species, keep this book around as a handy reference. This publication will help to spread the word, in an engaging way, about environmental invaders. Highly recommended.”


A parent of a six-year-old

Last year we came to your reading at the museum and subsequently picked up a copy of Aliens Among Us. You kindly signed the book for my son and answered the questions of a whole troupe of elementary students with aplomb—even when incredibly off topic.
This evening while bug hunting for a school project, my man and boy duo caught something new, which the 6 year old insisted was a woodlouse spider and that it didn’t belong here. He ran to get your book and found us exactly what he was looking for, and there you have it: it really is a woodlouse spider, perhaps the first one spotted on Vancouver Island. So thank you, the book has been read much as a reference and a bedtime story, and apparently it sticks. Bravo!


CBC Radio interview for Aliens Among Us

Catch me chatting about alien species with Sheryl Mackay of CBC Radio’s North by Northwest (September 26, 2015). Segment begins at 46:28.

CFAX 1070 interview for Aliens Among Us

This is cool! Listen as Bruce Williams of CFAX 1070 and I talk aliens on Cafe Victoria (August 22, 2015). Segment begins at 6:25.