Manuscript Evaluation

It’s hard to get your manuscript past the gatekeepers at a traditional publishing house. Even if your story is brilliant, they’ll give it a pass if the writing is rough. Same with self-publishing platforms: with so much choice out there, readers aren’t going to spend time on authors whose work is sloppy, no matter how terrific the plot.

And what if your plot blows to begin with? Usually authors are so deep into their works they can’t even see the weaknesses with any degree of clarity. I know I struggle with this myself, which is why I always rely on wicked awesome beta readers to tell me when I’m full of shit.

It’s more important than ever before to get professional advice on how to improve your work. That’s where a manuscript evaluation comes in. You want to make the best first impression you can—which means fixing those errors before you submit.

My manuscript evaluation provides you with:

How it works

You send me your manuscript, and I read through it and mark it up. I return it to you 2–4 weeks after you submit. That’s a quicker turnaround than most other manuscript evaluators. I’ll invite you to ask three questions, too, when you submit—anything related to your story, or to the writing and publishing process. When I return your ms, you’ll have answers to your questions.

How much does it cost?

Ten-page submission: $140 + GST

Full manuscript: $140 for the first 10 pages; $3/page thereafter + GST

  • comments on the book’s content, including dialogue, characterization, setting, pacing and whether your plot is believable;
  • comments on your writing technique, including style, brevity and readability. I will tell you if you’re boring readers. Conversely, I’ll let you know when you’re rocking the show; and
  • tips on how you can develop and improve your manuscript, whether through books, websites or other resources. My goal is your goal: to tell an awesome story.